London Harpsichords, based in North London and run by Oliver Sandig (in collaboration with The Harpsichord Workshop owned by Mark Ransom) provides a range of services for the keyboard player, offering a range of instruments to suit specific requirements, and working with both amateurs and the world’s leading players alike.

We hire and tune harpsichords, clavichords and organs for concerts, recordings and rehearsals, as well as providing long-term and short-term hire with the option of providing technical assistance and tuning on tour if required.

The collection currently includes copies of Italian harpsichords after Carlo Grimaldi and Giovanni Natale Boccalari, and a French double manual harpsichord after Vincent Tibaut.

London Harpsichords can loan instruments for use in the home, for concerts and recordings and we can advise on the purchase of new instruments from a variety of makers. We sometimes have second hand ones available for immediate sale.

We can maintain harpsichords and clavichords as required and are also happy to tune, repair, or transport your harpsichord, clavichord, virginals or spinet.

London Harpsichords can send individual strings or accessories such as tuning hammers or trollies for transport.

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